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Battle Flags, Etc.

Battle Flags' Choices:
The Best Pro-Gun Sites on the Web

Constitution Society--best site on the web for Constitution info, books and just about everything else

Gun Owners of America---"the only no compromise pro-gun group in Washington"

Jeff Chan's Firearm Page--excellent source of pro-gun info

U.S. Taxpayers Party--uncompromising, principled, Constitutional, unlike the Republican party.

Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership---staunchly pro-gun, no holds barred group

NRA - Home Page---largest pro-gun organization, great info, presently compromise,
particularly with instant federal gun registration, referred to as instant background check

Douglas Davis--pro-gun info

50 Caliber Shooter's Association---info on .50 caliber weapons
(Buy one NOW! And buy a second one for a friend.
But, buy from an individual, not a dealer.)

Prairienet, .50 Caliber Info---more info on .50 caliber weapons

Gospel Plow--Christian's Guide to Small Arms, and other stuff

Focus on the Family--how can you save the country when your family is a wreck? Here's help.

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